Welcome To Our Help Desk. Follow The Guide Given Inorder To Effectively Use the System.

1. This is the county's home page.The first page that appears after you enter the URL of the county

2. To start using the system, you have to choose your appropriate portal for example (staff portal) if you are a staff or (Executive Portal) if you are an Executive. However vor citizens, you need to sign up first.

3. Now once you have chosen your portal, you will be prompted to supply your login details. This is for users who already have an account with us.

4. However if you are a new user(for citizens only), you need to register with us by clicking on the link (SignUp). Then a form like the one shown below will appear. Fill the form correctly and then click on (Register) button.

5. If you (citizens) successfully register with us, you will see a dialogue box containing the message as shown below.

6. Now that you have created an account with us, you can click on the link (Log In) and then supply your login details.If you supply wrong details, a dialogue box like the one shown below will appear.

7. However if you supply correct login details, you will access your board.An example is shown below.

8. While you are at your board, you can view what others have posted on the board by clicking on the buttons with text in red. The photo below shows what others have shared under the category of GENERAL.

9. To post your information, write it in the space provided which contains the writings (write your news here).
Then post to the appropriate category for example GENERAL.
10. After you have posted your information, the dialogue box below will appear to confirm on the succession of the post.

11. To manage your account, click on (Manage my Account). Your Manage account page as the one shown below will appear.

12. You can choose to View your account or delete it on amend it. If you click on (View my Account) the photo below shows what will happen.

13. If you choose to delete your account, it will not be recovered. The following confirm dialogue box will appear.If you click on OK you will have lost your account information with NBMS. However if you click on CANCEL, your account will not be deleted. 14. You can then finally log out of the system by clicking on (Log Out).

Thank you for reading through this script. I hope you have found it helpful to enable you kick start using the system. If you have any questions, click on (Contact Us) and then email us or give us a call.